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There is a utility from Microsoft that will let you see what each computer using for browse. I can now add this CLR command to the end of any batch file clear screen return me my desktop automatically after completing task. Be creative and try the changes however aware that no responsibility will taken by Doctor DOS for any problems encountered when using misusing anything presented here. MENU t Improved Displays the Choices on Screen and Allows Selection of One [...]

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You could display the directory contents by incorporating DOS command if wish but Color dresses up screen makes it easier discern file types. If your letter form is sitting a subdirectory of WordPerfect called Template the thirdlast line batch file becomes WP. They can be likened to shortcut icons as seen in point click operating systems but batch files are much more powerful [...]

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Some people use a single colon to place remarks batch file but since DOS uses this identify its labels and those lines will read suggest the not used except of course as precursor. The most common uses are to start programs and run utilities. The next line changes to WP directory and final tells WordPerfect start [...]

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The first command in typical batch files usually is ECHO OFF. The following assumes that you are using WordPerfect. A macro is type of batch file used by many programs [...]

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If you always load the current project into same template which would be typical after first time save WP and as one under name. One command executes extended chain of complicated operations. Now that you have this basic batch file large stable of files could be written to run WordPerfect and load any number different documents. What huge amount of typing saved Can you imagine pointing Note that these commandline options are done using slash switches is followed by letter or character string. The line might then look like WP [...]

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Press one of the letters and program will start. It gives a wideformat display of the contents directory with subdirectories and file types in different colours. I suggest that you stick to original DOS filenaming conventions of up eight characters before the dot and using extension so will know it batch run as such. length try i catch wSourceName BingAtWork sj evt nd null sa CTBConfig TRGT CU http cc ngj cache pxq dos copy folder and language aen ud umkt zhTW usetlang uw NW var ipd ipt secall true false function args QueryID fbpkgiid SERP [...]

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The succeeding line tells DOS to go drive. To run a WordPerfect macro from your DOS batch file enter the option after any other options for . Otherwise one may type all upper lower or some combination. Since a batch file is just series of commands what typed the would be echoed on screen as DOS executes each those lines though you were typing instruction prompt [...]

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It might delete temporary files made by the batch restore program DOS its default settings ones saved first step such. It makes no difference to the running of file but does give each part its own space making for better readability. EXE GOTO START D C . P G [...]

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V h y c a w sj evt re aticConfig linkId activeElement var if rmConfig . See your word processor manual for details regarding macro writing. It will save typing those commands into every batch file should you decide change your desktop only this one specific needs be altered because all others refer [...]

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It won be as fast but there will fewer files for WordPerfect to look through when doesn place its temporary in own already crowded directory. There you have it. You ll also see how to combine small batch files do sequences of operations [...]


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This way the same DOS batch file will always start your current project regardless of what it . I must mention there is also problem with REM lines which contain redirectors and piping won get into because beyond scope of this tutorial. Be aware that some programs use their own batch files to start themselves [...]

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Then text of each line is echoed shown on screen with two more blank lines at bottom. I will call each program by letter to keep it simple. The reason this works that after DOS batch file hands control over to program when finishes it returns reins which remembers there another line run [...]